Mapping Services

UAV - Drones - RPAS

Focused Geo relies heavily on the latest remotely piloted aerial systems (RPAS)  to generate detailed site maps with ground sampling distances of <3 cm and digital elevation models of equivalent resolution and accuracy. Incorporating sub-meter accuracy ground control points into our photogrammetric processing flows results in highly accurate, richly detailed elevation models. For larger regional surveys we use satellite stereo imagery, allowing us to generate elevation models over hundreds of square kilometers with 1 meter resolution and accuracy of 90% Circular Error.  What you are viewing here is a three dimensional rendering of a site plant generated from a drone survey.  

3D models: An affordable and desirable add-on

Focused Geo collects, processes and presents 3D models which add clarity and understanding to many industrial sites. Usually, it's not a very expensive add-on when coupled with a geophysical survey such as an EM or GPR. 


Alternately, if you have UAV imagery which you would like to convert to a model, we can do that for you, or if you  plan on flying a site, drop us a note and we can recommend flight and imaging parameters which will ensure good coverage and a great model. 


In addition to generating the 3D model, Focused Geo may host your data on an online platform which allows for easy sharing of the results.  Hosting of the data is one of our cornerstone products with ever increasing functionality and flexibility.  Hosting services are provided FREE for data collected by Focused Geo or one of our partnered organizations.