Data Collection

Bathytmetry work isn't always a day at the beach.  From the swamps of southern Saskatchewan along the Souris River in the above YouTube video, to the frozen tundra along the ice road to Diavik Mine, we have the experience and instruments to tell you just how deep that waterbody is.

Need to sample water and don't want to disturb in-situ conditions? Perhaps UAV sampling is for you. 

Where we're different: 

Focused Geo has developed algorithms which publish your field data to an interactive map in almost realtime directly from the field.  Our online maps support geolocating, publishing to scale, exporting to dxf, geotiff, shapefiles, and most other GIS formats which you may desire. In addition, our maps are interactive in that clients may post annotations and markers as they like.

In addition to our field level autoprocessing of geophysical data (specifically EM surveys) - we have accelerated our online ordering system which allows clients to receive a  quote in a timely fashion.